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This was supposed to have not had stuff to say

Let's see... the lack of much interested-in-being-talked-about stuff hasn't really prevented me from having a pretty good weekend. I'm quite looking forward to Nowm, though.

Yesterday was marked by indian food/Shrek 2, a cool graduation-type bbqish party at David C's (the Heights guy with the beret a year ago whom I bring up randomly), with seeing David-C-friend-type people, some of whose names I actually remembered (Dennis, Caston [sp], Katie, Kelly, and others) (and also Ruth, who I hadn't seen for a while), and which I had to leave early in order to make rapier practice (this sentence is a horribly-constructed run-on, for all you whose grammar sense has been zapped so you actually need me to make it worse in pointing it out to you.) (Incidentally, Rachel Smith's yearbook quote is really fitting, far more so than mine.)'

So, with reference to today, it was characterized by Rene´'s (why does lj nuke diacritical [?] marks?) campaign, transportation interestingness, and my mom's birthday celebration. Which means I'm totally free to most my sapling shortshort somewhere... theoretically. *feels guilty about abandoning his dog story on writer's bbs ages ago and not checking on it*

Herring's trying to turn me from Japan-A-Radio to actual japanese radio, which is probably the will of the gods but made my internet evil while downloading Windows Media Player and thus will not prevent me from calling him by an annoying name. (Added note: WMP is evil and didn't work after downloading like an umbrellafish)

Slade as dorm mom's going to be fun (not that Gen wasn't ^_^). *feels briefly theresick*

In conclusion, this acronym thing sucks.


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