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Not Here

So, BR's punting a month, because our zampolit's actually doing her job and making us have a game before we run it. While it's too bad, it does make room for other interesting stuff.

Intercon's being fun, but I make a really lousy mobster. I guess I'm just not good at taking charge of things publicly. Or fratricide.

There was something introspective I was going to say, but I have no idea what it was, so I'll say something else introspective instead. It says something about my personalit(y/ies) that when I'm emotionally unstable there's a pretty good chance that I stop and think, "OK, I'm emotionally unstable. Why? What should I do about it? Hmm... I should frob up a plan." It's like I'm being roleplayed by someone lousy at being emotional. Like myself. Except, I could probably pull off emotionally unstable better than... well, maybe not. It's easier to roleplay killing people than being angry. I guess I should focus more on roleplaying with emotion. Or watch more movies.

P.S. If you're tempted to be worried, you don't need to. It's nothing sleep and maybe some food won't fix.
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