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So it's break, Patty's off to the Galapagos with Terrascope, and I'm here relaxing, finally making some money this semester, and also finally getting my room into a tolerable state of cleanliness. At least I don't have a giant wooden pi that mysteriously reappeared and we don't know what to do with in it.

Last night I went to coffeehouse, which I hadn't done in ages. It was small and suboptimal, but I got to see lots of neat stuff in building 14 I hadn't seen before. That and the fact I haven't gotten much sleep recently is the reason for my mood.

Last night I also had this dream where me and some MIT people were going to this museum (the only person I remember besides me was a cross between a guy from coffeehouse and Ben Lu [who I'm tempted to epithet 'the patron saint of niftiness' for no readily apparent reason]), and when we got out of the T station, there was a group of Japanese exchange students from Shaker sitting on the ground there (which is impolite in Japan...). I saw Mika was there, and I decided to go talk to her, but by the time I got there she'd left. I was all like,「美香はどこ?」and they were confused or something, so I said,「ふくおか美香さんはどこに行った?」and someone said,「美香さんはホット・トピクへ行った。」so I said,「ああ、そう。ありがとう。」and left, feeling proud of myself for speaking Japanese but not for forgetting to use a suffix for Mika's name in the first sentence and also wondering why Mika would want to go to Hot Topic.

Then we got to this museum, and were comparing the architecture to Stata. Ben dude was talking about how the staircases on the building looked like staircases (they were spiral staircases in round brick tower-shaped things), but the ones in the parking garage were cool. The ones in the parking garage looked normal at first, but Ben managed to convince me they looked like railroad tracks. They were also hovering in mid-air without supports (or a parking garage), but I didn't notice this at the time. Then we started talking about the hollow elevators. I didn't get how an elevator could be hollow, and when I rode one it seemed basically to mean that there were no doors and just a levitating platform that moved up and down in a track. It was also like one of those old elevators where you have to hold the up or down button until you get to the right floor, though it did have some automatic leveling, at least when you called it. I wandered around a little, and basically found locked labs and conference rooms that didn't seem like a museum, but I'd forgotten it was a museum by now, and then I got to a floor where Ben dud had painted a very small mural, and I thought it was an odd place to paint a mural. I think it was near a hospital.

There was more dream earlier, but I don't remember it right now, and I'm ready for breakfast, so I'll go try to find somewhere to eat. I need to get groceries.
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