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(Some notes: Gigo had to go out to Tennesee for emergancy medical care, but should be back any day now; I got into the Pistol class for PE, which is nifty.)

I never worry about when people say, "You must always wear closed shoes for X," because I always do. It's warm and sunny outside, and I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be nifty to go around barefoot?" I know my Pistol teacher's made people sit down for wearing flipflops before, but I wonder if anyone's ever come to class barefoot? Which is why I'm in a cluster updating LJ instead of shooting things.

Other bits... BR is rescheduled for May 20th because Wild Arms punted! BG2 the Guild Game this weekend! Packet handout tonight!

Went over to Sloanland last night to do my 18.03 pset. I did this weird thing where I wandered a floor or so after I completed each section. The Sloan cluster's convenient if I need a Windows cluster for any reason, as it's closer than 37-3, doesn't close like a library, and isn't Quickstationy like 32-1. In conclusion, we need to run some game there sometime, because e31 has an insane classroom density, and lots of unreservable unlocked public space, too. Plus bridges to random hallways to put weird stuff, if necessary. If I ever write a 3-day that takes place in a hotel or something...

Oh, and I finally got my automatic version of the quickstation hack working, if anyone's interested. It's really not wildly exciting, but...

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