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Not a pun with someone's last name and where I saw them today

Hmph. Troop 662 Court of Honor. Standard grmblnessness, really no better than I expected. It makes me glad that I had a good reason not to come to any meetings this year. I've gotten better at shielding, though; it wasn't supermegahorrid. Hopefully Mr. Licina [sp] will be less military, but I won't be here to see it. I'll avoid going into a random rant that only my family and munchkin_land (who's not listening) would get.

In related news, Annandale-sensei (project sponsor) stood me up today. Not that I mind particularly (he just forgot), it was just rather unexpected: he's usually ultradependable. *shrug*

Not much else to say... I wish I knew a mondo person who lived near LA, or *resists the urge to hint about the flying castle again* umm, knew my status with reference to jobnessness.

In quilonem-ex-aurantiis-confectum vertere nolite. (Because I dictionaried a quasi-idiom here, I'll translate: Don't turn into marmelade [sp])
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