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"It's better to have fallen in love, than never to have fallen at all..."

Well, I finally have Gigo back. He'd been sitting behind desk for a while while a package slip wasn't in my mailbox. Unfortunately, my wireless card seems dead, and my hard drive's messed up... Why can nothing ever be easy?

So, last weekend was Phaeton's 3-day based on Baldur's Gate 2. There were some mechanical problems (missing notebooks, malformed signs, Foley riddle trails), but it was fun. I was Gaelan Bayle, jovial vaguely kindhearted but mostly lazy thief who says "Coo!" a lot. I exited game with 3 shinies (Staff of Power/Staff of the Magi, Amulet of Power, Gloves of Healing) and other random looted stuff, including a painting taken from the wall. It was fun to have a game where you could say, perfectly literally, "If we don't find this key, we're all going to hell." There was another good quote I liked, but I don't remember what it was. We should start a Guild quotes page. I should give my quote script an interface. Time should increase in density relative to me.

Steer Roast this weekend. Should be interesting. I don't know how much I'll end up being around, what with BR and all, but it'll be an experience, regardless.
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