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Well, I guess I'm mostly punting Steer Roast, which, while awesome, isn't quite as captivating as it is for most Haus residents. I guess I have a habit of vaguely liking Senior Haus awesomeness, like Sport Death and Roast, without becoming too directly involved. In other words, I'm just not h4rdk0r3 enough. The awesomeness was lighting the roast pit: take a big pit. Fill it with charcoal. Add about as much lighter fluid. Put a steer over it. Tie a string from the pit to the top of the roof. Put a toilet paper roll on said string. Light said roll on fire and drop. Stand with a fire extinguisher 5 feet away to spray the meat with water to keep it from catching on fire too much when the flames climb 10 feet off the ground (thanks to Crystalee). Inherently awesome.

Phaeton got Slimiest Freshman (and Pevner Most Obnoxious, which surprises no one). Other than that I wasn't around much for BR/bread and such. We run in 3 weeks... I really hope Estevan and Patty start whipping out character sheets this next week, or I'll be pulling this thing up by its bootstraps even more.

In conclusion, take reusers seriously when they say a large parachute is in a dumpster. Not on top of, next to, or even the topmost item in. In as in covered it piles of trash. Obviously, it's still there.
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