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So, currently I'm preregistered for:
6.002 Circuits and Electronics -- a prereq for everything 6
6.034 Artificial Intelligence -- nifty, and 6.170 doesn't work with Japanese
7.012 Introductory Biology -- because 6.042J doesn't fit and I'll need it eventually
21H.521 Ancient Japan and the Courtly Society -- because Raw Fish is punting and it'd be interesting (and see below)
21F.505 Advanced Japanese I -- 日本に行くつもりで、必要だ。
21W.759 Writing Science Fiction -- because it'd be nifty and then I could take Genre Writing Workshop next year

I'm probably going to drop at least one class, probably bio or one of the HASSes if it's annoying. I'd like to take them all, but I'd also like a million dollars, and that's not happening anytime soon. The other thing I'm thinking of is being vaguely crazy and double minoring in Applied International Studies and East Asian Studies, できるから。That's one reason for taking 21h.521. Raw Fish'd be better and more useful for MISTI, but it's not offered next year, alas. It should be interesting, and I can always drop it if it sucks. Anyways, if I take these 2 Japanishes this semester and 21f.019 next semester, I'll be done with AIS, and I'll only need 4 more classes for EAS. I'll see how this ends up feeling.

If you actually care...
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