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Pseudonyms + Radishes = fun

Let's see, what happened today...

I skinned my knee because I'm not Japanese. (I was trying to pull the whole ride-your-bicycle-while-holding-an-umbrella radish. On a busy street. Luckily, my umbrellafish powers ensured I wasn't in traffic at the time.)

Other than that, there was SCA, comprised of rapier, missing music guild, buying a fan but no kimono, and enduring Imouto's wombatting of Gar (don't ask me why I've started giving everyone pseudonyms).

What else went on... Herring's being rather like himself, Loserface is cool, I had fun talking to Haru (who never updates), and radish is the new pineapple.

I've been thinking of some story ideas, including Tslarc's cloud god and a tree's livejournal. *shrug*

Oh, and I've been ODing on MegaTokyo again.

May the stars that light your path not fall.
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