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I like short, disjointed posts

Hitchhikers: "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish" = niftiness, Marvin's last line, Radio theme; Arthur should have said 6 times 9, they defrobbed Arthur's motivation for sequels, improbability drive wasn't. 'Nuff said.

Markos = Markos, Dan = Dan.

Will write tomorrow. Really.

Zephyr needs a host name. I don't have one at home. Yay ssh. I should frob SIPB about OS X Athena stuff in case I'm reinventing unnecessary wheels.

Oh, if anyone cares: A in 6.001 and 18.03; B in 8.022 and Japanese. (In nonMITspeak: Structure&Interpretation of Computer Progs, Multivar Calc, Masocistic E&M, and 21f.504)
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