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Just had a fun half-hour or so doing apparently not much of anything. My house is old enough that all the doors key-lock, but no one's done it in ages, and we only still have one key we keep because it goes with the door to the balcony. Anyways, I randomly decided to do something I've thought of in the past but never actually done: I took the key and tried it on all the doors to see which still worked. Most of the locks were stuck because of rust or paint or misalignment, but a couple still worked with a little fiddling. My description doesn't do it justice; it was nifty. It's an old-fashioned iron key, too, symmetrical because the keyholes on both sides of the door use the same mechanism. It was a nice interlude... I need to write someday a story that uses my (roof-and-tunnel) hacking experience in some way. It's just really nifty to figure out mechanisms and find paths that were never intended.

Oh, I forgot to try my closet. Maybe I'll try that one later... though I really should get back to writing or something.
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