Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Camping notes...

Boston Harbor Islands (Other info): T to ferry, primitive, no water, campfires only below high tide line...

Camp Sayre might work, but we're not really a group and it'd probably be more expensive regardless...

Black Bear Camping: commuter rail, but looks rather stupid and expensive

Wompatuck State Park: the sort of camping my family normally does. Looks like there's a boat from Boston (Rowes Wharf, nearish Aquarium) to nearby (= Hingham), or Commuter Rail in a year or so? The MBTA's web site is a pain. Would take some figuring out. Other State Parks nearby could work, but I'd need to figure out Commuter Rail/bus possibilities. (Maybe Myles Standish State Forest?) Which would mean actually calling people and talking to them.

To be continued/edited... and has been done so to... incessantly... but done for now.

( Gear? Came up on search.) Actually, does anyone know a good place to get misc camping gear in Boston?

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