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"Volvere si volvere, o tal vez nunca me marche..."

Back to MIT today. It was nice getting a break and seeing people, but I'll be glad to get back. ^_^

Hung out with René yesterday, then went to Lauren's graduation party. I didn't know very many people, but had a nice conversation with Zak's (well, Claudia's in this case) parents. And the Slive's garden sports a family of really cute dark-furred mice, including a tiny baby mouse! Kawaisa!

I'm getting good feedback on "Dream of a Bird". I'm going to do revisions, then ask for feedback from more people, and hopefully send it out in not too extremely long. I'll have to figure out where makes sense, though...

I guess waking up randomly at 6:15 makes my chances of getting to my job on time look good. My parents got me a bike at a garage sale, but it won't be arriving in Cambridge until Cape Cod. Will be touching base with John (my boss) this afternoon. It's a little scary to have a job with... Regular Hours! Oh, no! ^_^

Ok, now I'm just being silly. I need to pack.
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