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Well, I start working full-time today. Surprisingly easy to get up on time; I left myself extra time to get to Metacarta HQ, so now I have 15 minutes to abuse someone's internet and scout the surroundings. I'm actually excited about this, it should be fun. It's great to be back. Oh, SaraH (Hopp) was on the same flight as me again yesterday... this time it's not even a monotonically logical time to travel. Go figure. Oh, and everyone loves my tie-die socks.

I've figured out that the Safari feature I miss in Firefox is spell-check-as-you-type. I should quest for an extension that does that.

Oh, I've got zephyr working locally on Gigo now! Well, as long as I have a hostname. So, not at home, and probably not on this sketchy connection. I should be able to get Metacarta internet permissions, and maybe even a hostname, but I can survive without local Zephyr, so whatever. (Zephyr being an MITish IM protocol, for you not MIToids.)
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