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Have you ever noticed that real life sometimes foreshadows, or at least pretends to? I've been working at Metacarta since last Fall. Never in all that time did anything connect it to 5th East at all. Yesterday, I was talking to SaraH, and she mentioned that she'd heard that a lot of 5th East cruft worked there. This morning I read a comment from Jessie saying the same basic thing. So, I'm waiting for the elevator after work, when this woman walks up. She's dressed sorta sketchily. Needless to say, I wasn't too surprised when she said, "Is that a Jack button on your backpack?" I replied, "Yes. Are you one of these 5th East cruft I've heard so much about?" Turns out her name's Rachel, she lived on Florey 3 years and in Senior 1, and 2 former Fearless Leaders now work at Metacarta. Made my day.

Work was funnish. Spent most of the day osmosising Javascript and some code and such. Well, homewards then.
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