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Last night was fun. Patty and I went up to 14 roof and I showed her around. It was a nice, quiet, relaxing way to get back into hacking. It took me forever to remember how to get down to the shower... and we skipped Claustraphobia... but rooves are nifty, especially when it's 30 degrees out*.

Been futzing around with cruft. I tried to install Linux-Athena on the Intel box I got off reuse, but the installer doesn't seem to want not to crash, so I'm doing Debian instead. It'd be done by now if it wasn't for the stupid IS&T Network Registration: it couldn't download stuff because it wasn't registered, and I couldn't register it because while you can use wget as a web browser, you can't use it to browse https://ness. So, I burned the first CD-ROM, which, among other things, includes Mozilla, so I should be able to register and then download the rest of stuff I want. Currently, it's scanning the CD very slowly, but making vague amounts of progress, so hopefully in not too long Barsgiora will be up.

* Note I use Celsius.
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