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I've been putting off this entry for too long; I guess I don't think I can describe the camping trip adiquately. It was simply a wonderful trip. And totally insane. Hiking in Friday evening, looking odd with backpacks in a pizza parlor, getting totally tired and unsure where exactly the camping area was at Midnight in the park, so pitching the tent in a random field and getting woken up by a park ranger in the morning... It was great, though... hiking and drawing and nifty conversations and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Cooking over an open fire. Not using the stove at all. Too few s'mores. Trees. A turtle. Maybe loons. Lots of dogs. Fireworks should be seen but not heard, or at least not heard but not seen. Dreams Underfoot, by Charles de Lint, which is awesome. Ferry and bus and covered foot-bridge, oh my!

I guess I've been missing people a lot lately, but I haven't felt up to doing something like calling people. I should do that, or at least IM people, more. Confluence will be awesome. I guess part of it is Zan is doing Japan and Alpha, and I'm not, and I miss how wonderful those were.

Yesterday I saw a cool existential play called Machinal, which was really well done and had a lot of people I know in it. Today we went to Porter square and visited random awesome places. Wandering is something I enjoy a lot. I felt like I was in Newford for bits of it, and people can be really interesting. It's cool to watch what people notice. Sometimes I feel like I should work more, though. BR is coming along, too.
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