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I really should be asleep... but I can't ignore all my adoring fans who must know what's been going on the past few days.

So, Friday was coolish... Project's done! Seeing other peoples' projects was nifty, but it ended up being vaguely boring overall. The Worst Movie Ever was supermegamoo-ah[sp]ishlynifty, though. もちろん。(Of course.) Chipotle [sp] for lunch with reinedesetoiles, socraticmachine, krint01, and Spam. *ducks* Then after futzingnessness we were off to Northern Oaken War Maneuvers. (A SCA event for you obliviousnessers.)

Friday evening was undramatic: sent up camp with Bork, saw some people (including Chako/Sarah-of-the-arguable-designation), walked around the lake, watched the Torchlight Tourney (heavy fighters), left early after water-bearing (water is heavier than it looks...), slept.

I spent the whole next day pretty much on rapier. (Porridge-type stuff for breakfast.) Got authorized in both Buckler and Dagger! Even though I didn't know like any of the rules questions... stupid not studying. The problem is, it didn't matter, so I'm not getting proper reinforcement. Lots of Melee practice, some guys from Aethelmarc [sp] who helped us with tactics despite being allied with east. (I think we need it.) The highlight of the practice melees was probably when I had lost my legs. We had about three others who abandoned me (no knee-walking) to chase down the two remaining enemy. The enemy were trying to run around in a wide arc to evade my team mates at the other end of the lists. Enemy1: Watch out for the land mine! Enemy2: What's a land mine? *practically runs into my rapier, forgetting I'm not dead* It was absolutely not my fault at all, but it was supermegaspiffy. After Rapier I got cleaned up and put on a nice kimono before singing with Music Guild before the Royal Court. I guess I should have been more nervous, but mom was nervous so I had to diverge, and anyway I had my supermegamondo staff which deserves a name to give me courage. They sorta forgot about us, but the herald stuck us in randomly in the middle. During court, some cool people got awards, including Mattheus and Hewis [sp], but I did notice the undercurrents present under Felix. (Niles was briefly supermegaupset, but calmed down.) Chisato/千里 characteristically ran off randomly through the woods halfway through court for no readily apparent reason, though he claims it was only a jog. Afterwards feast was good, we didn't win anything in the raffle, Zan-chan became less penguin-like, and I chatted a little with various people. I need more people like Sarah-sensei/-of-the-debatable-epithet who talk to me in Japanese. Afterwards we just hung around the campfire... we were all tiredish... I'm not going to become an alcoholic any time soon.

Sunday was just packing up, leftovers for breakfast, cleaning up trash, hitting the road. Spent the afternoon with unpacking, futzing with Gigo, and fiddling with rebate forms. Xcode is the new ProjectBuilder, apparently. D&D with Rene´ was nifty—yay getting ripped in half by ice trolls! And then there was the <秘密>! No one can say that Rene´ doesn't do a good job of being mysterious without turing into a radish. Oh, and Panera has good sandwiches.

I could probably write a lot more, but I copped out of a LAN party because of tiredness, so I should refrain from remaining awake all night.

Oh, Dan/krint01's and my families are having a graduation barbecue-type-thing Saturday at 5 at Dan's house. I know this conflicts with cooler people's parties, but drop by if you feel like it. Comment or email or IM me or something if you want directions.

Minna, Oyasumi!
Noctem bonam, Omnes!
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