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Stuff. Lots of it.

The more stuff that goes on, the less time I have to write about it. C'est la vie [sp?].

Friday: BR was crazy. And fun. And crazy. It went surprisingly well after getting off to a somewhat hectic start. Some mechanics need to be tweaked, but at least it wasn't another W40K. Coming soon (in the L'Engle-ian sense): Sabriel. Possibly with a ": the Beginning" or something niftier than that.

Saturday: Cape Cod. Nifty place, nice hanging out with familyness, nice beachness, fun working on Zan's story, good food, lots of bugs, tide being hungry.

Saturday-now: Patty being sick, Patty still being sick, cleaning the Guild Office, frobbing with stuff, taking care of Patty.

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