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"Up there, everyone is beautiful, no matter what shape or size..."

"Some people pay a fee at the ATM. SUM(tm) don't. Some people use MITFCU." (because it had to happen eventually, you know it did, assuming you're one of the few people who get both inside jokes.)

Unrelatedly, it seems like a lot of people I know are breaking up all of a sudden. It's sorta odd... I don't know, I guess having it happen several places at once, to rather positive (at least from my oblivious vantage point) relationships, makes it more impactful.

Also unrelatedly, I punted Hamlet on the Commons for rapier practice, which now doesn't seem to be happening. I don't really feel like going to Hamlet, though. I guess it's the mood I'm in. I'm going to practice rapier on my own and play Sigfried some, I think. Maybe one of those in the courtyard.

I should really AIM/call people more often, and get less nervous about it. I guess thats why I like Livejournal, I don't have to worry whether people care/want to talk to me, it's up to them if they read it.
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