Xavid (kihou) wrote,

In Persona

21st day of August, A.S. XL

I have recently decided to keep a journal of my travels, both to record details for the benefit of my companions in distant parts, and to practice this strange tongue. While a poem may capture the feeling more appropriately, a more detailed account is also useful. It happens that I was recently given the opportunity to join again with my brothers of the Cleftlands after my long stay in the Borough of Mitgaard in the Barony of Carolingia. There was a call to arms, and though I had spent almost a year dwelling among their enemy in the East Kingdom, I responded once again to the call of the Midrealm and sought to provide what assistance I could to their effort. Fortunately, we had won many more allies than in the last Pennsic War, so I was hopeful of an easy victory.

I camped again with House Bork, a jovial group of fellows that, while they have a reputation for wildness, nevertheless prove to be a friendly and family-like camp. Many of my friends from the past war and my time in the Cleftlands were in evidence. I was glad to see again the lords who had trained me in the way of the rapier, and the samurai Chisato, who was delighted to show me a recently obtained and very elegant katana. Although I have had little practice with the rapier in the past year, I was glad to once again add my arms to those of the Cleftlands Battle Unit on the field, and again in the woods. With the support of our allies, we easily outnumbered the Easterners and managed a decisive victory, ending our long string of losses. In addition to my exploits of the sword, I took some time to study the arts and sciences. I studied inkanhōri, or seal making, under Throndardottir-sensei, who was as knowledgeable and disorganized as ever. I also took the time to practice the strategic game of go and try my hand at the arts of archery and thrown weapons. I was pleased to learn from a master of Onmyōdō more about the determination of inauspicious days and directions, although such designations are scarcely heeded in these strange lands. As with any war, a variety of merchants followed in the wake of the army, and I took the opportunity to purchase new sandals, a few books, and other trinkets.

One delightful turn of events that I encountered at War was that Noelle, who I had been the assistant master of the Musicians' Guild when I had studied there, had recently ascended to Queen of the Middle Kingdom (where it is the custom to choose new rulers by Tournament each year). I served as a guard for the Royal Encampment and also joined Her Majesty to fight the East in the Rapier Woods Battle. Her Majesty saw fit to bestow upon us rapier fighters favors for our service, which delighted me, it being only the second favor I have received in these lands, and more permanent than the one I was briefly given upon being visited by Clariel no Mikoto in preparation for the use of her blessed cannon... but that is another story. I also attended the court of Their Majesties of the Midrealm. I was humbled when it was proclaimed that House Bork had been awarded the Purple Fretti for their service to Their Majesties. I felt most undeserving, for I had done little in service, but I was also touched by the joy the award gave Nial the Wanderer, our house head.

I beg pardon if my description of the War is rather disorganized, but I find I can scarcely order my own thoughts after such a compressed range of extraordinary experiences. I shall begin the long journey back to Mitgaard tomorrow, where I will settle into my fall quarters and await the return of my beloved 禰子, called by the bonds of family to the uncharted regions south of Atenveldt. I pray to Koshin and Clariel that she will find a warm breeze to guide her back safely.

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