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My life's been being rather unstructured... still haven't heard about the job. I guess I sorta have mixed feelings about getting a job, but I'd like a more dependable way of earning money than convincing my parents to buy me cheaper stuff than they want to give me and then putting the money towards Japan. And structure is good.

Yesterday mainly consisted of a physical and watching Kill Bill with Dan, Markos, and Sam, followed closely by a chaotic pizza. Today my Dad's parents came for graduation, we went to SCA, it rained a lot. Tomorrow is graduation. I know I'm supposed to be nervous or something, but I'm not sure why. I don't even have a l33t \/4l3d1c70ry to stress over giving. I hope I end up doing something nifty afterwards instead of just going home, no offense to my grandparents.

Looked over some pictures today, including Prom with Rachel and Chickens in Choppers with Zara...

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