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Green Eyes

Lots of cool stuff -> busy. Briefly:

  • Watched the BBC version of H2G2. Good, but basically the radio show with video, and less exciting than I'd hoped for some reason.
  • Saturday Night Coffeehouse Club; we found the label for Chewbacca's Lair (which I'm told is in the wrong place, but I don't really know) and then found a new tomb, which we eventually named Thong or a Drum (it's Gus's fault). More fun.
  • Novice Scola with Carolingia. SCA classes are SCA classes, always; dancing was fun, enjoyed feast (rosewater!), a good class on leatherworkishness. The commuter rail is of an unfrequent persuasion.
  • The problem is that I like all my classes OK this term, which is a problem in that I'm taking too many and really should drop one. The only one that doesn't satisfy a part in my academic plan is 21W.759 (SF Writing), but it'd actually get me writing, and an awesome idea for my first story beginning is coalescing as we speak/write/read/whatever... codenamed "FutureNet". Watch this space.

Speaking of writing, I should probably make final revisions and send out "Dream of a Bird". I don't have many new changes, which is probably just as well, as I'm not going to have time to work on it much, and it's also weird enough so it'll either work or not work at all, and revising isn't really going to change that, since that's all it really has. Well, back to shukudai.
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