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On My Dreams

I'm glad I'm taking this Science Fiction Writing class. It's actually getting me writing and thinking about writing. In addition to story starts I'm doing for class, I though of a couple autobiographies-type fantasy ideas. The story start for today's currently called "FutureNet"; the other ideas, which I'll have to punt until I have time, are currently "Save the Trees" and "A Little Faster".

Foodtruck food is nice because it has high mass, is nukeable, and contains vegetables. Though, not the red green-leafy-vegetable that I don't remember what it is I got. Patty made a nifty pork dish last night. Maybe I should name it... I was thinking Fruity Pork (Guava, pineapple, coconut and tangerine something), but now I'm liking Not-Ham Pork better. *shrug*

Laura47's punting Dar, but Patty and I have tickets, so if anyone else is going Thursday, ping me or something.

I've been doing a little text adventureness lately; Patty and I spent an hour and a bit Saturday playing an interesting nonliteral one called Metamorphasis. 'Tis fun.

I saw Equllibrium in Foley's room with the DOOMFridge resurrection team. It's 1984 made into an action movie. I enjoyed it, especially as a group.

Dr. Who?, the LARP, was Sunday evening. I was an addict to a drug made by crushing alive cute little psychic mice. Had a fair amount of randomness, and interesting mechanics.
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