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The State of No Longer Being A High School Student, /or/, Refreshmannessness


So, when did I last update... OK, Wednesday involved... oh, cleaning and printing out pictures in preparation for grandparents (Dad's side). Grandparents arrived, we ate chicken sans choppers since Zan was on a field trip, then we trucked out with MelISSA Alaria and her brother to SCA. Rapier'd, ate ice cream, got rained on a little. Helped out my first newbies–>felt nifty.

Thursday was graduation... first for my sister, which was rather boring... saw Lauren from Cello and some other people I expected, convinced assorted relatives that Zan would not appreciate a flower. Follow-up physical was boring but took longer than 15 minutes... Granny wa Granny. Did domino-type stuff in the afternoon.
Then was my graduation. It was vaguely nifty, but unexceptional. It was marked by a mispronunciation of 'articulately', us being called 'a rainbow of specialness', Courtney's speech with a funny vitalycherno ref, Katie's speech that was surprisingly unsmarmy, a distinct lack of valedictories, an out-of-tune Pachelbel's [sp] Kanon, walking across the stage, and lots of pictures. Gowns are not nearly as cool as either robes or kimono. Walked (in a momentary-confusion-reminiscent-of-Japan manner) to Alex's party, which was fun for a variety of reasons, prominent among them the high density of mondo people. Stayed until one, much to someone's (definitely not egocentrism04's) annoyance.

Today was the Rock Hall thing which went well and was fun. I feel sad about leaving Pam and everyone... but I'll visit at some point in the realm of intention. I never got a chance to say bye to Rachel, but most other cello people were there, including Alair, Annie, and Mike of the Goldman variety, who I don't get to see supermegaoften. Lunch at Yours Truly, friendly-type stuff in the afternoon. Pam's gift included a nifty YoYo Ma CD containing music derived from that of a certain culture which I am of the habit of becoming obsessed with, and my TISQ CD also came in at Joseph-Beth's, so today was marked by cool music.

I guess it's technically tomorrow, but I like going by logical days, anyway.

I should get some sleep for the purpose of seeing off my grandparents [for my own benefit]; as the night passes into technical-morning-which-is-still-logically-night, may you never be dethroned by an out-of-tune baseline.
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