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I really don't update very regularly recently, do I? My parents visited this weekend, which was Parents' Weekend, but they actually didn't sign up for Parents' Weekend because the official programming's daitai pointlessly smarmy. We went to Campo de Fiori and Tosci's friday night, followed by Mirrormask at (the other) Kendall Square. It was really cool. The visual effects really worked well to give the mirrorworld a surreal mood, which is something that isn't really present in other films of this subgenre. The ambiguity was also interesting.

Saturday we went to Falling Leaves, a Carolingia event at Wellesley. Fencing was fun, and the play and feast were both good.

Today I'm mainly working on finishing the rough draft of "FutureNet" for Tuesday, and maybe some other homework. Revising BR a bit in between things.
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