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Spring! Boingy, boingy, boingy...

So, like everyone and their great aunt, I've started looking at what classes I want to take in the spring. Currently it looks like:

6.004 Computation Structures (or 6.003 Signals and Systems)
21F.019 Communicating Across Cultures
21F.506 6th Semester of Japanese language
6.170 CS Death Lab

Who's taking 6.003/6.004? I could take either; maybe I'll look at the underground guide and see if either of them seem better with fall professors.

I was also oddly tempted to take 18.06 (Linear Algebra), which is a prereq for some AIish courses I might want to take later, but with 6.170 and my desire to be less totally hosed next semester I might pass on that.

(My story is up for critique next week in my 21W! It's a pretty cool group. They're are a couple people that seem like Betas to me because they have more critiquing experience than anyone else. Plus, someone was eating a pomegranate yesterday)
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