Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Yaah, there's been a lot of cool stuff going on and I haven't felt like updating. I'm really ready for the semester to be over already. I've still got a history paper to write and a digital audo playback device to build before finals. It's not too bad, and half my classes don't have finals.

I've gotten really into Burning Wheel. It's a tabletop RPG system that has some of the aspects of LARPs that tend to be missing in D&D. D&D is focused on balanced characters for killing monsters, Burning Wheel is focused on a collaborative story where player beliefs, instincts, and traits shape the plot more so than the GM. Some cool rules and such. The default setting's highly Tolkienesque, but they also have a cool Dune-esque one and such. I'm going to try it out with my family ("Dreamspace") campaign over winter break and then do it some over IAP.

I had fun singing at the Mitgaard meeting Wednesday. I haven't sung in ages. I wonder if I could get people interested in Kumihimo or Shodō class for IAP... maybe next year. Mitgaard needs to do more awesome stuff.
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