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Being American

So, I got the new DSL working finally. And my mom went out and bought a playstation so she can play DDR. *resigned grin* I'm not complaining, as long as she still has money for the important things, like mooching for Japan next summer when I don't make enough working... oh, and college. *selfgonk* She's devolving, though: first she wanted to go to college again, now she's acting like a high-school student; soon she'll be acting like a silly middle-schooler... which would be different how? Unless she start acting like a cool middle-schooler like Melissa or Arien, which would be neat but probably involve less random buying of stuff we can't afford.

The problem with DSL is that now if I start reading MegaTōkyō again I won't have time to do plurk while the next comic loads.

Toodle-loo! [sp]
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