Xavid (kihou) wrote,

I'm mainly posting because I'm having trouble falling asleep and I want to use this new icon, but I'll talk about stuff anyways.

I finished both kimono, except for hemishness. Of which there is a non-trivial amount. Nevertheless, I need no sewing machine for it, thus minimal moochery and maximal flexibility. I've also done a good amount of tabletopping this weekend. Boreala: the party beat the... shall we say, Shadowborn Slasher (hmm... makes it sound like a demonic fanfic writer ^_^) in an epic battle, got a mysterious necklace that likes Mara, and found there way into the nonlinear nonblocking puzzle dungeon of DOOM! René: Tslarc feels like he's in a spy game and additionally doomed. Especially the doomed part. Dreamspace: the most epic battle involving three skeletons ever. I see interesting plot coming from this. Too bad it won't be 'til spring break...

*puts on his anti-nag-about-D&D-over-aim shield*

Well, auto-bon voyage and all that, for in the morn I embark upon a journey that will likely be delayed annoyingly but will nevertheless bring me safely into the arms of my true love. (Awww...)
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