Xavid (kihou) wrote,

The Moral of Today: In the real world, everything costs something.

So, Gus, Estevan, Connie, Patty and I had our first meeting for Burning Wheel today. The result: lots of artistic use of glass beads. And...

The Misfits: a group of circus freaks wakes up after a night at the bottle to find that they've been left behind by the circus. Or, amid rumors of magic failing and a new form that is good only at killing, is something more mysterious at work?

Staring: (tentatively)
An elven vampyr, formerly a ranger (Estevan)
A half-elf half-orc, his half-sister, with a craving for humanoid flesh (Connie)
A half-elf half-great-spider alchemist (Patty)
And a scientist/wizard, the bastard of a noble family, cast out of his circle for dabbling in the forbidden arts (Gus)

Sound over-the-top enough? ^_^
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