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I really need to man up to updating more, don't I? And to stopping saying "man up" so much. I'm really starting to annoy myself.

So, let's see. Classes look pretty interesting. 6.170 (CS Death Lab) so far has me excited with Java being less stupid than it was back in Mr. Smith's class. We have something almost as nifty as and less complicated than C++ templates! And Eclipse + JUnit + Continuous Testing = awesome. It's like having someone looking over your shoulder and telling you when you do something wrong right after you do it. Like I used to do for random people in Mr. Smith's class when I got bored. Actually, it's even better, because it can also tell you when you get it right if you've bothered to frob up some JUnit tests for that, too. Much fun. 6.003 (Signals and Systems) looks like a 15-credit course 6 req. It's not that bad, but not wildly exciting, either. We have MATLAB pset problems instead of lab sessions... not knowing what the labs used to be like, I don't know whether that's a good thing or not, but I'm not a real fan of MATLAB. It's like a pig that speaks German; it's useful if you have to go to Germany, but wouldn't it be nice to have something easy to work with than a pig? No offense to any pigs out there. Or any similes. We have a new sensei in Japanese class. Hatano-sensei seems fun... it's hard to say so far, but she seems a little less strict. Who knows. Probably the main difference is only three stressful days a week instead of four. I have a meeting Tuesday to talk about a minor in Applied International Studies, which it looks like I'll be done with at the end of next Fall, all going well. The minor advisor is also one of my 21F.019 profs. It looks like a fine class, reminiscent of a more global Area Studies with different teachers. It does look less English-class-like than 21F.064 (Intro to Japanese Culture), the HASS-D I took freshman fall.

In conclusion, I need to finish this formal kimono before XiaoLong, because it's going to be awesome.
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