Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Boskone and Live CDs

So, who all's going to be at Boskone besides Wen and Toby? Meeting up and fun and stuff like that.

One of the thinks I worked on over IAP is a version of the Ubuntu Live CD that plops you in your Athena home directory with athena-oid stuff. As in, you can get at all your files, and use add, and blanche in the moira locker works, and maybe MATLAB if you're lucky, haven't tried it. (For the uninitiated, Athena is MIT's network. This would basically allow you to stick a CD in any Intel box and start up in Linux with access to all your stuff on Athena.) All I have to do is defrob Ubuntu's habit of automatically logging in as user ubuntu, which I can kludge if I can't get at the installer behavior directly. All of this is useless to half of you, which brings up my next question. I've just been thinking it would be cool to do a live CD that saved everything in a Gmail account with gmailfs. (This would mean you could start up Linux from a CD anywhere, and all the files you saved would be in your Gmail account and available next time you started from the CD.) Would any of you actually use something like that? I'm going to have Athena for another few years at least, so I'm probably not going to frob it together unless someone thinks it sounds useful, but it's a fun idea.

MATLAB is being annoying, so I'm probably going to restart or something. Valete!
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