Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Well, that was a pretty fun weekend. I've been having fun messing around with hardware off reuse. I lost a game of monopoly Friday which Vernon won despite having only 3 useful properties at the end of game when Eli had all of the rest. I went to Patrol! Saturday in preparation for Xiaolong, which uses dart guns, and had a fun time talking to cruft (and Laura47, one of several uncruft). Speaking of Xiaolong, you all should app. It'll be awesome, it's designed to not totally hose people, it's OK if you have conflicts some nights, and you'll enjoy it. Magic and martial arts in an alternate Taiwan. It's March 10-19. It would be good to be at least within a reasonable commuting distance from MIT, which eliminates most of you. Unless you have random weeks off of DOOM! Ahem. Anyways, Sunday I went to the Porter Excange with Yutaro... we went to a soba place and talked a lot, including stuff about this summer, which I'm really looking forward to. Right now, though, I should really be working on my 6.170 (CS Death Lab) pset.

Oh, if anyone wants an ssh account on barsgiora (Debian Gnu/Linux) or belgaer (Athena/Solaris), or like a wiki or something, let me know. I have more fun with than practical use for reuse hardware. Ok, *vanish*
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