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The road to less lameness

I haven't updated in ages. In fact, so long that when LJ automagically saved my first sentence several times in a row, it startled me. I'm not going to try to recap life, since most of the easy-to-write-about stuff is boring anyway. Xiaolong was fun. My character was totally paranoid of all the wrong people by the end of game, but I think he ended up in a cool situation. If he'd known he was getting adopted by a Family instead of a family, he might have been less confident about it, but he'd probably think it was cool as long as they gave him room to consider them not evil and kept being generally pro peasant. I don't feel like explaining the whole thing, if you bug me I'll do it later.

Spring break was nice, little wildly exciting, but I'm better balanced now. Gigo's running OS X.4 now, which means OpenAFS regularly says "boingo!", but I also get a nifty little widgit thing that got cease-and-desisted, which if anything will help me with my Spanish pronuciaton/pheonome recognition. And a translator widgit that's convenient. And other nifty stuff that's boring to talk about.

I'm getting excited about Japan! I need to go to the travel agency to get tickets this week... I guess maybe Thursday will be best...

More later, hopefully.
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