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Girlyman Concert!

The Girlyman concert was piano juice*. Club Passim is a nifty venue, and despite the fact that we got there too late to pick seats, even the worst seats were pretty awesome. Better than the Harvard ones behind a column on the left side. There were six "new" songs: the one about ashes, St. Peter's Bones, St. Stephen, Moose in the Road, Let It Shine, and something about gold-plated doors on the 31st story (in addition to a bunch of "old" songs, including an awesome Speechless). They also had the Genie version of Rose, which Patty liked. Sam called out Thing Wild, but alas. Sam got a CD, but was in too much of a rush to get it signed. I didn't get a shirt, but I should have gotten a tank-top, because that would wrap around from being the type of shirt I don't wear to being the point, like facism and communism. You all should be less lame and come next time.

* where piano juice is an emphatic noun form of awesome

P.S. Zan, fill in the song titles I lack?
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