Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Work's being nifty. My supervisor, Kagawa-san (tokoro de, Mika no "ka"), speaks English well, and has been helping me with Japanese. The other foreign interns are friendly; we have an Indian guy, a Chinese girl, and several Germans, all of whom speak English much better than Japanese. America's really lame for being monolingual. Anyways, the sort of thing I'm doing at work is oddly enough related to R2V at Metacarta. It's all about computer interpretation of bitmap images, in this case part diagrams for devices. It's interesting stuff. Maybe I've found a specialty. I wish I could get my internet working reliably, though. (Apparently landline will sometimes work when the wireless doesn't?)

Because Dan would find it funny. A flash-marred add reading "Where the hell are you?" Apparently, it's an ad for Australia? Don't ask me...

My door, Apt 102.

My neighborhood.

This vending machine at Gamou Station made me think of Mom ^_^.

A small parky thing with dirt reminiscent of the EC courtyard and a nifty tree.

And a rabbit.

A cute (but poorly-lit at night) warning sign. "Dangerous! It's not OK to play here!"

Looking out the window from my loft.

Looking away from the window in my loft.

P.S. Now I know why Yutaro likes Chocopies so much. I got some at the Korean grocery in Cambridge, and they were a cheap sugary snack. I buy them here, and they're a really good cheap sugary snack. I don't know if this means Japanese Chocopies are cooler than American Chocopies or Korean ones. Unrelatedly, I tried a drink labeled Pineapple Cider, because I love portmanteaus. It tasted just like pineapple jarritos, though. Oh, I need to take a picture of the silly new Fanta bottles sometime. [/food]

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