Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Yesterday was fun. For lunch the German interns and I ate lunch with a Korean intern and two Japanese coworkers who I think might also have been interns. Apparently they do this on a somewhat regular basis so the Asian half can practice English. We ate in a very interestingly decorated Chinese restraunt, with christmas decorations, old European money, and various posters on the walls. I didn't have my camera, alas.

Dinner was really nifty, to. The Germans, PV-san (my next door neigbor both at home and at work) and I went to Tsukishima and met a friend of the Germans from Oktoberfest and her friend. They took us to a restraunt that served Monja.

It was sort of like a korean BBQ or something, with a grill on the table where you grill your own food, but it was very interesting. You have a bunch of vegetables and different thinks like squid or pork that you put on the grill and start chopping up with a metal spatula. When it's mixed and in small pieces, you make it into a donut shape and then pour some liquid stuff in the middle. You let it bubble a little, then mix it all together. When it's done, you take little bits with a dinky metal spatula and eat them. It was fun, though it took us a long time. In addition to several courses of monja, we had a Tokyo-style okonomiyaki (like an omlette, sorta), yakisoba (grilled noodles), and crepes with red bean paste and peach. It was very good, though a bit too much food. I also tried some interesting drinks, Kashisu Grapefruit where kashisu is a sort of currant, and Hachimitsu Lemon where hachimitsu is honey. A good time was had by all.

Today, we're thinking of going to Akihabara, an electronics district, though I also want to wander around in Gamō where I live a little.

Xavid out.
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