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The sound of a light rain falling on rice paddies makes a unique sort of "shhh" sound, very relaxing. It's really interesting the sort of place Gamō is. It's certainly the middle of nowhere for Tōkyō (though an hour by train isn't bad for a Tōkyō commute). It certainly has more 24-hour food options within a 5-minute walk than MIT. It also has much more agriculture. Walking in the rain on a Sunday afternoon, you can find people selling fresh vegitables on the corner, but it's certainly much more paved and crowded than any American image of the countryside. Only the most fancy houses have any sort of lawn; many have quite impressive gardens crammed into the meter between the house and the street. An interesting place.

Because space is more valuable, road islands are community garden-type things instead of unused grassy spaces.

They have much more variety of trees, picnic tables and such,

and plots that various locals maintain.

The houses generally use any free space for gardens, not for grassy lawns. They're very well-kept, and some of them are very interesting. I guess this is where they grow umbrella fish.

Various houses have interesting alternatives to gutter pipes that I think are much niftier.

There seem to be a lot of young children in this neigborhood. There are a couple of kid-oriented parks, and I often see kindergarden buses on my way to work.

Here you can see both rows and rows of houses that are all the same (and no one seems to care) and rows plowed in a field that's presumably doing something useful.

Xavid off.
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