Xavid (kihou) wrote,

So it turns out Postscript is a variant of Forth. Which explains why I could never figure out Postscript error messages. So now I'm coding in Postscript, comparing Forth to Scheme (postscript has no special forms and clunkier lambdas. And no one does cool lambda-y stuff because you just use it to draw things.) It really brings back the good old days of Redwall MUCK, and the bowl of strawberries and Espiritu de los Andes... and the fact that you really need scratch paper to program in Forth. So elegant, and yet so cryptic! Lots of fun, and something I can add to the stupidly long list of languages on my resume.

Oh, we also spent today moving from the fourth floor to the fifth floor. Boring. I did manage to inherit a copy of the Red Book (on Postscript) that's surprisingly relevant to my project despite being only one year younger than I am.

Looks like I'll be heading off to Nara in a week to visit Mika and Yūko. Should be fun. I wanted to call the impulsive/reckless/unworried way I've been living in Japan vicarious, but apparently that's not what it means, the vicar in Monty Python nonwithstanding. So I'm calling it kazefū, for reasons that amuse me but don't translate well. Living life FTW!

I'll probably post something shiny later unless I fall asleep first.
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