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So. Mt. Fuji. It was an experience. By which I mean an insane amount of work. You know, the only-fun-after-it's-over sort of adventure. We hiked up starting at 10 PM, scrambled up shifty slopes and clambered over rocks until about 5 AM, just barely missing the top for sunrise (it was too cloudy anyways), freezing briefly at the top, then started back down, reaching the bottom after 10 AM. It's a real mountain, despite being a tourist attraction. While it does have more "mountain huts" (minimalist convenience stores/restaurants/hotels) and more crowding issues than most mountains, it was a serious amount of effort, and we definitely underestimated it. I was definitely underprepared for warmth, and I'm definitely not in the shape I was for Philmont. They say a wise man climbs Mt. Fuji once, but only a fool does it twice. In that case, too bad it was too cloudy to get any sort of view from the top... Still, it certainly builds character ^_^.

A mountain hut, 3100 m above my apartment.

Sunrise, shivering near the top.

The Restaurant on Top of the World (or at least Japan)

Endless switchbacks going down (the down route is different than the route up; neither would work well the other direction)

Almost at the 5th station where the buses stop, still above the clouds.

Tree at the shrine at the 5th station.

P.S. For all you night owls, if you want to IM me at work, you'll have to Jabber xavid@jabber80.com, because that's the only thing that can ninja through the firewall. You can do it with most Jabber accounts, including Google Talk. *vanish*
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