Xavid (kihou) wrote,

My words are cold and flat/ and you deserve more than that

Hung out with Yutaro Sunday. Among other places, we went to the fabled Animate, an izakaya where I failed to get drunk (much to Yutaro's disappointment), a game center where I tried the taiko drum game (DDR on drums for your arms, but probably less awesome), and a nifty store called Don Quixote that's like a cross between a flea market and the Garment District. 'Twas much funness.

I've been missing things a lot so far this week. Missing Patty (duh). Missing having a laptop with internet at home (also duh, but Joerg burned me an Ubuntu Live CD so I can make a last ditch effort to rescue my Japan photos, then take it in to the Apple store). Missing Zan and my parents, mainly because a Japan trip with them would be the niftiness. Missing Confluence more than Alpha, because while Alpha was pure piano juice, there are nifty writers who'll get more out of it than I ever did. Missing keeping Dan from randomly killing himself in Tokyo. ^_^ Missing the various Shaker D&D gangs and the good old DOOMCom antagonistic comradery and various other friend-group environments. I was really enjoying my independence earlier in the Summer, but it's one of those golden mean things. Not to mention that 3 months is far longer than I've ever been on my own before (for suitably precise definitions of "on my own" that don't include college but also don't imply total lack of friends). A good experience, but probably not one I'm going to repeat oversoon.

Incidentally, I've been reading the first two Darkover books, because I saw them in the used bookstore and I though someone probably had recommended them at some point in the misty past. I really liked the first one, but I thought too much time passed between the first two, and that the author missed a great opportunity to have a fantasy world in the second book that was more unique than the normal fantasy world margin. You know, Pern has a lot of factors that put it outside of the NFWM, even though it starts out as fantasy, but Darkover doesn't live up to that promise. Maybe some of the other books are more interesting, because you occasionally get references that imply that back in the day, the world was more outside the NFWM. Plus, the pollen thing didn't come into play at all, when I was really interested in it's long-term effects on society. Still, perfectly valid books.
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