Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Bonsai gardens and fish markets and such.

So, I registered pianojuice.net* to celebrate me finally getting AFS working on Barsgiora. You probably shouldn't click that link, though, because pianojuice.net isn't doing anything that barsgiora wasn't doing before, including having a homepage. Except for AFS, which is awesome and accessible from Athena without magic, which makes me happy. (AFS is like a magic network hard drive you can access from anywhere, where anywhere is limited to places with AFS installed. Like file-sharing, except magicaler.) I've been having fun setting up pianojuice.net, even though I don't have much need for it to actually do anything. It's one of these Because I Can things. Also, I've learned more about DNS in the past few days than a bucket of oranges.

More Japan pics will be coming soon, where soon is defined as when I man up to getting them somewhere web-visible. Say what you want about iPhoto, it's certainly easier than downloading pictures into RAM using a live CD, copying them over the internet to a server in Boston, and then using the command line to get them to web resolution. Which actually isn't very difficult, but it's still annoying enough that I've been getting distracted by shiny server configurations.

* Piano is the imperative form of awesome. Pianojuice is the past tense nown form of awesome that can be used as an interjection. If you're wondering why, you underestimate my whimsy.
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