Xavid (kihou) wrote,


So, a week and a half ago I went to see some fireworks in Koshigaya near where I live. There are plenty of more exciting (and more crowded) fireworks around, but I didn't feel like putting a big effort in only for it to be too crowded to get a good view.

My apartment, which has nothing to do with the preceding paragraph. But it looks sorta cool.

Many people were wearing yukata (lightweight summer kimono often worn to festivals and Disneyland) or jimbei (traditional Japanese version of shorts and a t-shirt). They weren't so blurry in person.

One of the niftier fireworks. I was less compulsive about recording them all than the people video taping the show on their cell phones.

It wasn't Edogawa, but it was crowded enough for me.

More pictures coming soon.

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