Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Tsukiji Fish Market. Lots of fish. I've been there before. Some of you have seen those pictures, and I feel little need to put a lot of new ones up. Yummy sushi, though.

And nifty ice machines.

So, actually, I was intending to visit with a group of MITers, but there was a failure to communicate and I was the only one who ended up going. However, I met up with a couple other random gaijin randomly (a single mother from NY who was visiting someone she variously described as a friend, ex-boyfriend, and boyfriend, but who wasn't with her because they'd had a fight; a Chinese entrepenur with study-abroad experience) and had a good time. After sushi, I had been planning to go to Akiba to get some shiny electric bits, and Nancy (the mom) wanted to get her son a cool Japanese MP3 player, so we went there, looked at Yodobashi, ended up going to a duty-free shop, then I went alone to the electric town marketplacy thing and got my bits.

I also noticed a cute shrine in the corner of the second floor of the marketplace which I took a picture of.

Incidentally, I'm having far too much fun geeking with AFS and Apache and such. It makes me think I should get a job as a sysadmin sometime, except it probably would be much less fun as a job doing grunt work for other people.
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