Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Another suitcase, in another hall

Woah, I go home tomorrow. I'm pretty ready, for a variety of mostly obvious reasons, including that my job was starting to feel a bit too much like High School. I still need to finish packing, clean up the apartment a little, and then get up early to get on a bus in time to be bored for a long time at the airport...

I still haven't gotten the bonsai pictures ready, because I'm lame and image processing over slow ssh is annoying, but I'll post a couple pictures from the Ghibli Museum instead. It was pretty nifty. The building itself is super whimsical, with cute kid-sized doors some places and a garden out of Laputa on the roof. I was too old to play in the catbus, though... alas. The short was an interesting thing about a water spider. It also had no dialog, which was convenient (much easier to understand than Gedo Senki/Tales of Earthsea). They also had a special exhibit on the guys who did Wallace and Gromit.

You aren't allowed to take photos /in/ the museum, but you can in the outside areas.

This is called the Totoro Entrance on the map.

I so wanted to climb this guy (arm spikes == ladder), but I thought the museum staff probably wouldn't approve.

Hmm, I wonder how the Zombie Defense Initiative went. I'll have to do more rushy stuff next year.
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