Xavid (kihou) wrote,

A sweater full of apples

Stuff's been happening. Apple picking. Lots of bread, game, and hosage. Swinging in Boston at 2 AM. Dragonfruits. Zelda. Candyland. The best game concept ever. Though the hovercraft one is a better actual game, I think. AFS. McGuiver computer assembly. Graph theory. Lots of cool stuff that causes me to be busy and not deal with email. Feel free to poke me if I'm laming your plot.

I met another part of the OCTO Empire last week. He's this guy named Erik who just sort of lives in Spain for no readily apparent reason.

On a not entirely unrelated note, I'm feeling like I might not MEng. It's partly, I really like my job now, my job over the summer wasn't quite so hot, do I really want to gamble on which something else will be, especially if I'm sorta tied to it? I was actually looking at the 6A internship meng program, but it would eat up two summers and not be location-flexible. *shrug*
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