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Because I don't understand you

Reading period Girlyman concert tonight at Passim. 'Twas much awesomeness. The following excessive detail is dedicated to Zan. They played 18 songs: On the Air, Ashen Shade, Sunday Bird(?), St. Peter's Bones, Kittery Tide, Reva Thereafter, Young James Dean, Carols at Christmas, Joyful Sign, Amaze Me, Hold It All at Bay, Right Here, Through the Sunset, Hey Rose, Speechless, Say Goodbye, Girlyman Benediction, Montpelier, the last two being encores. The instrumentation for St. Peter's Bones was different and nifty, with a cool harmonic strumming by Doris. I also really liked Reva Therafter live. Nate's improvs for the night were Marijuanica (in honor of the season) and the Tuning Song. Also notable was the dog hand puppet thing as the Girlyman version of Heavy Metal's sign of the devil. Oh, and Zan: we were sitting right behind Nate's parents (and two other relatives); there were place cards on the tables, and we were like: I bet Borofsky, party of 4, is someone interesting. Ty had a crescent moon-shaped tambourine, which I like for flavor reasons. Maybe I should stick a magic one in something sometime. Incidentally, I pulled my traditional spend-exactly-as-much-money-as-you-have-on-you bit, which worked perfectly for once.

On an unrelated note: "Waiting for Godzilla" has to be one of the smashingest paper titles ever.

EDIT: The song formerly labeled "a song about Jealousy whose name had a B word" has been remembered to be "Hold It All at Bay"
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