Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Akron-Canton is great... no more sitting in the hallway for an outlet: they've added "power towers" among the seats. Free internet + cheap flights + easy outlets + near Friendly's = ++. Let's see, break... highlights of presents: Geta made by Chisato but from Mom with cool fabric toe things, awesome Japanese feast gear for two that's too nifty to take on the plane, some nice CDs, fewer socks than last year. Did a lot of sewing, a lot of D&D, some misc hanging out, only one IHOP run. I've got my formal raw silk kimono done, modulo embroidery ^_^. Now all I need is an event to show off my stuff at. Also did some rapier... I should man up to flavor this term. Non-rigid parry is surprisingly nifty. I can't think of any cool Japanese non-rigid parrying devices off the top of my head, though come to think of it a fan or umbrella as an interesting rigid parrying device could be nifty. I'd have to look at the reqs...

D&D was pretty cool; much greater plot density and such. If we keep this up, we'll have a good chance of eventually completing a plot, maybe... I really should try to do another tabletop sometime; having my best campaign being one that only meets during Thanksgiving and Winter Break is sorta bizarre, and leads to me getting all excited about plot that doesn't get to happen for 3/4 a year. IAP failed a year ago, but maybe over the summer would have more potential.

Did a surprisingly fun amount of shopping. Shopping really benefits from having cool stuff to look for/find.

I should post a picture of me in my formal kimono with geta and feast gear sometime... in a cool setting. Though I doubt my ability to conjure up tatami and paper windows any time soon.

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