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I'd get BLT, but I'm trying to cut down on midnight snacks

Not much to talk about; I got submerged but not drowned in Captian Jack Zodiac, which you people should read, especially if you're in the Hitchhikers'/Terry Pratchet-liking crowd. SCA was fun—kids were there, and Martha trying to be a goth, but none of the Japanese trio. I'm having fun with my aim bot (yay learning perl for no readily apparent reason!) and also futzing [I know not whence this word comes; probably Mrs. Ulrich] with Tkinter in Python. Yay! I just got Idle working in X11 without doing superhyperweird junk! I doubt anyone reading this knows what I just did, but it's still nifty. Although the tk window seems to like not disappearing... (要るときにマッットはどこいるの…=Where's Mattt when you need him...) It's bringing back memories of VSRI... which is good because they're happier than some of the memories I've been having lately. It's really amazing how much I've changed since then... back then, I'd stay in the computer lab programming until curfew, and now I'm staying at home programming even later. ^_^ But seriously, back then I spent all my time playing Nethack, and now I update LJ. It's actually symbolic of my personal growth if you don't look at it too hard.

5 more days until
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